Azimuth Pointing System™ (APS) USAGÉ / USED


Azimuth Pointing System™ (APS) is a  Illuminated sighting scope accessories GPS-based compass that provides

True North and Grid North azimuth, GPS or  UTM position - all in one device.


It also has an integrated inclinometer,  which allows the system to provide a complete orientation solution.


With an LTI TruPulse laser rangefinder,  LTI TruPulse laser rangeinder Laser reference line the APS is a powerful all-in-one total station that does not require benchmarks or backsights to produce remote GPS coordinates.


Since the APS is not using the earth’s magnetic  field to determine azimuth, it is not affected by


ferrous anomalies (metal) from the ground or Soft carrying case Ruggedized shipping case


surrounding structures.


Azimuth Pointing System™ (APS)
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